hipokondriak desines

hipokondriak designes


Everyone clear that not the same things we like... and we do not have to be clones in series guided by big industries.

The first steps were with designs on the world of caps, designs drawn to hands one by one, thus guaranteeing exclusivity to our customers. The first orders for friends (to whom we need to thank their fanaticism from the first moment), then to the friends of those friends and thus up to unimaginable proposals were emerging to getting so more than 500 designs are all the streets of different cities and even countries in hats, shoes, helmets motorcycle, snow, camis, skateboards, longboards, snowboards...

hipokondriak designes
hipokondriak designes


Limited editions that you will know the exact number of product units from the moment that the collection is published. Editions of not large number of units for guarantee exclusivity to the customer.

You'll always know how many units more than yours are on sale.

Custom editions dedicated exclusively to you, unique units. Your you tell us what you want, how you want and we will design it.

No one more than your will that product. Designed by you and for you.


  • Unlimited editions where there is no number given in units of the product, therefore always will have time to decide when you want it. Just a is sooner time decides to mark his end of season.

    Their time of sale to the public is large and you can have the units as want.